• Building a Pipeline of TECHIES to Serve The People

    TechActivist.Org provides technical training and political education to working class youth and activists.

  • Phase One

    Understanding Our Current Situation and Digital Tools


    We believe in order to bring solutions to dismantle racism, sexism, poverty and issues impacting our environment, one must first understand the power dynamics in our society. This is why we believe in the study of political education.


    During our first phase of work we provide one-day workshops to raise awareness of technology and its socio and economic relationship to our society. These workshops include a one-hour panel discussions on topics such as Digital Media, Digital Security, Open Source, Web Development and Emerging Technology followed by a hands-on training workshop to learn current tools related to the day's topic.


    There is no technical experience required to attend our one-day workshops.


  • Upcoming Workshops

    We host workshops in Oakland, CA; Detroit, MI; Philly, PA; and Manhattan, NY.


    Summer Workshops List Coming Soon!

    Donate a New or Used Laptop

    We are building a tech lab for activists - help us by donating a laptop.

    Accepting: MacBooks, PC, Linux, ChromeBooks accepted. All data will be cleaned from laptop before using it. Drop-off location:

    The People's Forum

    320 W 37th Street,

    NY NY 10018

  • Phase TWO

    In 2019, TechActivist.Org will launch its Tech Warrior Fellowship


    The Tech Warrior Fellowship is designed to afford financial support and a community of peers to young activist who have expressed interest and success in learning technical skill sets. Approximately 4 - 5 TechActivist.Org Fellowships will be awarded in the Spring of 2019. Tech Warriors fellows agree to dedicate 8 months of tech training and serve as an intern to a social justice tech project throughout the duration of their fellowship. Each Tech Warrior Fellow will receive a fellowship payment of $1,000.00 every month.


    We are interested in sending fellows to support organizations like:

    • Lucy Parsons Lab
    • Unite.Tech
    • RiseUp.Net
    • EFF.Org
    We are currently fundraising for our fellowship. If you are interested in sponsoring, donating, or helping us raise money please contact our founder, Idalin at bobe@riseup.net.

  • Meet The Crew

    People question the capability of bringing change in the world, and that is because for so long the people who have had the knowledge and tools of empowerment have done nothing but create extreme poverty and desperate times.


    We are educators, technologists, activists and disrupters. We believe in the power of unity. We are working hard to develop a space where everyone, regardless of their level of education, can come together to learn, strategize and create with digital technology.


    We hope you join us: Volunteer, Attend a workshop, Become a Tech Activist.

    Idalin Bobé

    Founder and Co-Director

    Educator, Activist and Technologist.

    Past includes serving as Global Social Justice Lead at ThoughtWorks, and founding partner and former Community Manager of Black Girls CODE.

    Tyson Amir

    Co-Director, West Coast Lead

    Educator, Artist and Author. The wisdom in his lyrics, social consciousness, and story-telling abilities can be attributable to his upbringing: his father was a Black Panther and his mother, an avid reader and active participant in the Black Liberation struggle.

    Alexis Hancock

     Digital Security Lead

    Passionate digital humanist and Black feminist who often searches for solutions through their first love, technology. She has a background in web development, community organizing, racial economic disparity research, and education media.

  • Why We Exist.

    As poor communities and communities of color increasingly organize and mobilize against police brutality and demand basic human rights, technical tools and platforms are consistently used to oppress and suppress their voices. While there are small pockets of people working on decentralized technical tools to support frontline activists fighting against systemic poverty, oppression and racism, these groups are small and often do not represent working class communities of color.


    Overwhelmingly, the people most impacted by social ills are on the losing side of the digital, educational and economic divide. Of the 2,000+ activists we've worked with since 2015, 97% have stated a desire to create their own technical tools but never had access to computer programming classes nor knowledge of the technology to use. Their lack of technical knowledge and resulting low capacity to effectively fight back in digital spaces undermines the potential of today’s activist to effectively amplify their voices and drive real social change.


    How We Got Started.

    In 2014, while our founder, Idalin Bobé, did community organizing work in Ferguson, MO, she created a tech institute for activists to learn digital security tools, digital media and web development. After seeing how activist were learning technical skills to advance their work, groups around the country started requesting trainings to meet their technological needs and interest. TechActivist.org was started because activists’ need for tech-related skills were and still are crucial to propel the mission of liberation, equality, and justice.